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I've been running leagues for 4 years now and have spots to fill in my Yahoo 12 team 1/2 point PPR redraft league. Due to work related reasons I was unable to commish the league last year and I ended up losing some people in the year absence, so I'm filling 4 spots I know will be open, but there may be more that I will post once June has ended. League is $100, all financed through LeagueSafe, and 100% of money goes back into the player pot. $280 of the $1200 goes into a weekly high score pot, meaning every week through week 14 the high score wins $20, all to be tracked and paid out at the end of the season. For the league winners: 1st - $600, 2nd - $220, 3rd - $100. League payouts are voted on by majority.

There will be 3 divisions of 4 teams each and all will be randomized once all league spots have filled and payments have been received. 4 teams will make the playoffs with 3 division winners and 1 wildcard spot. The live draft is set for late August and will be finalized once all payments are received. The draft will also be randomized at that time as well.

Roster spots are:

1 QB

3 WR

2 RB

1 TE


1 K

1 D/ST

7 Bench

2 IR

Some scoring changes:

-1 for FIELD GOALS MISSED 20-29 yards

1 bonus point for 300 PASSING YARDS

1 bonus point for 100 RUSHING YARDS

1 bonus point for 100 RECEIVING YARDS

7 points D/ST 0 points allowed

5 points D/ST 1-6 points allowed

3 points D/ST 7-13 points allowed

1 point D/ST 14-20 points allowed

0 points D/ST 21-27 points allowed

-1 point D/ST 28-34 points allowed

-3 points D/ST 35+ points allowed

-1 point D/ST 400-499 yards allowed

-3 points D/ST 500+ yards allowed

1 point D/ST three and outs forced

Again, those are just changes to standard scoring. Anything that is in standard scoring that I haven't listed here you can expect to be in the league and you can review on the league page.

Some league by-laws:

Inactive managers:

Managers that do not set an active lineup by gametime are given a 1st notice warning. If they don't not set a lineup again by 2 hours prior to the 1st game of the week on Sunday the following week, the roster will be locked and the league commissioner will set the lineup for them based off most projected points. At that point, the manager will be removed from the league and a replacement manager will be sought. The 1st notice warning does not revert even if the manager retakes control in the second week. This means if a manager misses 2 weeks during the season even if they are not in conjuction, they are removed from the league.

Inactive rostered players:

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